Carpet Tape - Carpet Adhesives, Glues & Tapes

Carpet tape offers an effective solution to hold carpets in position when tack strips or similar such methods cannot be relied on - a simple, no-mess approach to keep mats, rugs, and carpets in position.

Carpet adhesive tape is available at affordable rates in different sizes (1.41 to 2-inch x 10 to 36-yards), styles (inside or out) and adhesive properties (low to high traffic-areas) to adhere to most indoor or outdoor carpets, foams, synthetic-backed carpets, artificial turfs and marine carpets, such as those seen on a pontoon or deck boat.

Easy-to-use, and Sticks to Anything
Easy-to-use, a roll of single of double-sided self-adhesive carpet tape is simple to apply with no heating or gluing required. It is often a simple case of unrolling and attaching the tape to a flooring area, than peel off the protective backing on the top-side of the tape, and position a carpet, rug, or mat in its desired position for a semi-permanent installation.

Also, a double-face adhesive tape, with its strong adhesive properties, is designed to give a solid bond to a variety of other surfaces together, such as tile, foam, fabric, concrete, paper, wool, linoleum, etc.

3M, Henkel and Intertape Polymer all manufacture a series of self adhesive carpet binding tape designed to adhere all-types of residential or commercial properties, and great for installing indoor or outdoor carpeting materials.

Popular Types of Carpet Binding Tape include -
A double-sided carpet tape, at 1.41-inch x 42-ft, for a semi-permanent carpet installation gives a long-lasting hold for most low, medium or high-traffic areas (such as a front hallway or living room). Its quick-bond, tear-resistant cloth construction, with high-tack adhesive on both sides, offers simple peel-and-stick application to hold carpets or rugs to clean, smooth surfaces.

A high-quality roll of indoor-outdoor carpet tape, at 1.41-inch x 42-ft, is perfect for a permanent bond to rough or smooth surfaces, designed with woven polypropylene, foam/rubber, and jute backed carpets in mind, and perfect in areas of high moisture and / or high-traffic – due to its ability to resist mildew and rot from moisture build-up. A fiberglass-based tape, designed to be highly repellent in relation to moisture, is perfect for basements, bathrooms, deck areas, etc.

Besides the carpet tapes or adhesives, the repositionable Hold-It for Rugs™ tape by Henkel is a simple, effective solution for securing small-sized (3 x 5-feet) mats or rugs – a self adhesive rug binding tape is safe on most hard surfaces, such as laminate, tile, vinyl, and hardwood, does not leave a residue, and lifts-up in seconds if required.

Carpet Glue vs Carpet Tape
Securing carpets, mats or rugs in position is also possible with the high-tack / ultra-fast grab carpet glue - either sprayable or trowel applied – and comes engineered to stick to a wide variety of floor materials. Its adhesive glue bonds cork underlayment, urethane foam, wall carpet, jute, polypropylene-back carpet, and latex unitary to floor surfaces such as plywood, concrete, marble, and treated steel.

Professional Cloth Carpet Tape

All in all, a long lasting, simple to apply roll of double sided carpet tape is perfect on a multitude of floor surfaces, such as wood, vinyl, and ceramic to hold synthetic-back carpets in position on all low or high-traffic areas.